I miss you Ruby

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It’s been a little more than two weeks since I my spirit animal left this earth.  Me and my pack miss her very much.  Each day helps us to heal, but also reminds us of that great energy that left us.  I haven’t stopped to write about her for a minute.  It was all too fresh and I have not mourned the proper way, I guess.  I still feel a peace in my heart about her final moments and our last day together replays.  The moments we shared in our short few months together as a family tends to replay often in my mind.  I take comfort knowing I documented a lot of great memories that she created here.

I have received a few condolence letters from the team of Veterinarians that surrounded her these last few months.  Dr. Jill wrote a very nice letter and pinpointed a few of her memories of Ruby.  She touched many lives as hers was ending.  People will not forget how great of a dog and true gem that she really was.  I have not yet wrote about those good stories that I hold dear and cherish about Ruby yet, but I will try when the time is right for me to share them like that.  I appreciate those who became close to her very much and thankful for the care and love she was given.


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Author: 4haunteddogs

Ruby is three years old. extremely smart, beautiful and such a great friend.

4 thoughts on “I miss you Ruby”

  1. Tish, I cannot tell you hw relieved I am, we all are, to hear from you. I know you are deep in grief right now and it’s hard to come here and write. We’ve all been concerned about you and we’ve all been holding you tightly in our hearts. I hope you felt it.

    There is no timeframe to grief and their is no “propt” way. You do what you have to do to get through one moment and onto the next.

    You will find that the sadness and grief slooooowly start to be replaced with the happier memories. We can all promise you that does happen.

    I know Ruby is at peace and I know she is definitely still with you andnyour pack with her energy presence.

    I also knkw that it warms her Spirit Heart to know you are at peace with the way SHE decided to transition when SHE decided she was ready. She knew you would understand that she needed to shed her earth clothes and be pain free and happy romping around the Bridge on all four legs!

    Ruby did leave lots of great happy memories fornyou to hold forever in your heart. Even though her time with you was short, it was just the right amount of time she needed to FINALLW know what it felt like to ve loved….to be part of a family…to have a pack where she belonged and where she was adored!! You gave her so many great gifts Tish. She was so happy veing with you and the pups. She was loved and appreciated and cared for in ways she never experienced before. THat kind of connection shall remain unbroken forever!!

    Yes, she touched us all! We are all sooooo honored to jave the privilege of knowing her. Tha knyiu so much for sharing this very special Soul woth us! She taught us all so much about making every moment count. She was a strong Warrior with a gentle happy heart.

    We’ll look forward to hearing more about this sweet gal when you can. Give yiurself a big hug from us, okay? And a few extra treats to the pack for us!

    And remember, we are all here for you anytime, okay?? You knownyou have the helpline. I hope you got my VM message awhile back. We don’t want to intrude…..just know we are here always.

    Thank you again for coming here today. It means the world to us…..just as you and Ruby mean the world to us!

    Surrounding you with Ruby’s eternally wagging tail and her love and our love!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    1. Hi Sally. Thank you for responding, always <3 Yes I received you VM, the care and compassion you have shown Ruby and I jerks at my tears. In a happy way of feeling relief and foundation. Thank YOU so much for sticking beside us and having us in mind. Time will help us to learn how to live without her now. The stories I read about others that are going thru this with their dogs are a comfort also. It's all so fresh to me though. I know exactly how it feels to hear a diagnosis of Cancer or that your dog need a life saving amputation. I am forever linked to the Tripawd site and am grateful to have you all in my life. <3

  2. We’d love to hear the happy memories and stories you have to share about beautiful Ruby when you’re able to. Sending you more hugs and healing light and holding you and your pack close.
    Linda & Spirit Mighty Max

  3. Awww we miss her too. Grief is a process and in time, you’ll be strong enough to smile and share more good memories. We’ll be here waiting to read about them, because we know what it’s like to love our pets so much.

    Stay strong and know that you are surrounded by the love of this community, always.

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