making life easier.

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I went and bought Ruby a bed and elevated food dishes.  I think this will make life easier on her.  It’s a nice sturdy Orthopedic double thick mattress, firm, supportive.  Rather large for her size 36 x 48 x 6.  I also bought some Freshpet food for her.  This way she gets some tasty meals while recovering and good vitamins.

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Ruby amputation today

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

Ruby went into surgery this afternoon to amputate her back hind left leg.  The Vet has called me a few times to tell me that she was seeping blood, but she wrapped her and then she was still bleeding a lot a few hours later.  She opened her back up to make sure nothing was bleeding and then closed her back up again.  She is going to remain there overnight with Ruby.  So worried about my dog.  This is a very stressful situation and complicated procedure, evidently.  I will call them tomorrow to find out how she was thru the night.  🙁

Day of Amputation Surgery

I called to check on Ruby this morning and she hasn’t gone into surgery yet, but she is expected soon.  I wanted to talk with them about her return home and when she might be released.  They said she would be there until at least Monday and that relieves me a lot.  Her first few days/week will be spent under that 24/7 care at the hospital.  I asked if she would be able to remain there longer, if I felt it necessary and they said yes it would be no problem to keep her there.  I feel much more confident today than I did last night.  More rested also.  It’s a nerve racking process having to get thru this ordeal.  I appreciate the responses and interest that we have gotten on this site so far.  I’m glad that I spoke out and told our story as it is starting to unfold.  I will see if I can get three days off in a row next week for when she does return home, but I do not think that I have put in for that time off soon enough.  I do have a neighbor and some family that will be able to check on her, if I do have to work.  Luckily my job is not very demanding and only takes up about six hours of my time, per shift.  Sometimes I over analyze the situation, just to be sure I have it all covered.  I will update as soon as I have word about how her surgery went or if I find myself with more questions.  I will also look over the forum and see what I can discover there.

a bit overwhelmed

Nervous to bring her home after surgery.  She use to love to jump on the bed or furniture and I know that she will no longer be able to do that right now, if ever again…?  We are newbies to this handicap that has befallen us.  I’m reading and reading this website.  I just keep thinking… clean and get everything prepared for her return later this week.  Buy more rugs for the wood floors, get elevated dog bowls, buy a new dog bed or two, find better dog food.. the list goes on.  Not to mention… I have to work and do not know where to keep her while I’m at work.  I have a small room I can put her in, but will she be well while I’m gone?  worries.  I plan to see about have the Vet office keep her for the first few days after the amputation, but it is expensive.  They have 24/hr. care and I want her to be successful following this amputation surgery.  I feel unequipped to handle her recovery almost, but I know that all will be well no matter.