RIP Ruby

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Ruby passed at 10:25 am at h0me, peacefully

RIP Ruby 10-31-14 t0 10-23-17

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Author: 4haunteddogs

Ruby is three years old. extremely smart, beautiful and such a great friend.

15 thoughts on “RIP Ruby”

  1. So sorry for your loss, my heart breaks for you. Wishing you peace in the days to come.

    Paula and Warrior Angel Nitro

  2. I am so sorry to hear this news. I haven’t been online in a while and didn’t know she was having problems. I will be thinking of you and your pack.

  3. I’m so so sorry! I’ve been following your story and my heart breaks at all the challenges both you and her have faced. Today this tripawd nation mourns with you. Know beautiful Ruby was met at the bridge by all our Angels and made welcome. Her spirit will remain by your side forever and you will find her in all things beautiful and feel her in the whisper of the wind as she stays close. Fly free new Angel!
    Sending healing light and comforting hugs to you at the hardest part of this journey.
    Linda & Spirit Mighty Max

  4. Ohhhh nooooo. We are shocked and saddened, this whole community is.

    Poor sweet Ruby, she fought so hard and you went through so much. We can’t imagine how heartbroken you and the pack are, and are sooooo sorry.

    Please know that Ruby’s struggle was not in vain. She battled like a warrior and gave the many complications a fight like no other dog could. And that whole time, you stood by her, cheering her on and letting her know how much she meant to you. No dog could ever, ever ask for more.

    We are here for you when and if you want to talk OK? Please don’t hesitate to call the Tripawds Helpline or post in the Forums.

    And remember, it’s not the end that counts, it’s all the good times you had long before that. Ruby’s time with you was short, but a powerful, unforgettable lesson in courage and strength. May her spirit live on forever.

  5. Dear fellow tripawd warrior family, I am so deeply sorry to hear you lost Ruby. What a little fighter she was and how much she must love you for being her champion all the way. I believe she still loves you from over that bridge. Love never goes away. I will be thinking of you and the very hard place you are in now. xoxo

  6. I’m so sorry to hear about Ruby’s passing. I hope very much that my Chance was there to meet her at the Bridge. She looks just like the kind of lady that he would love to romp around and play with! Sending you hugs in this hard time,

  7. Oh Tish!! I am so hocked and so broken hearted. Just so very, very, very sorry.

    I want to come back later and hope the tearx will subside enough to type.

    I hope you can find comfort in the fact that Ruby transitioned at HOME and on her own terms!! Whatever happened, and however it happened, Ruby was home and that’s the way she wanted it. Ruby’s terms, Ruby’s way!

    Ruby is one of the most amazing Warriors we have ever seen here! Although she was only “your dog” since May, she was ALWAYS your dog and you were her human!! 🙂 Ruby needed to know what it felt like to be REALLY LOVED and REALLY APPRECIATED! Probably for the first time in her life she felt really loved, really cared for, really valued, really loved AND an important family member!

    Hold onto that, okay?

    And hold onto us. We loved her too Tish. She jumped intoo our hearts from day one and she will NEVER be forgotten here!!

    Surrounding you with Ruby’s wagging tail and sweet kisses

    Sally and My Chunky Spiritual Being Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie

  8. Oh how heartbreaking. I am so sorry for all of you. Ruby was an inspiration, as are you and the strength you had in caring for her. I have followed your blog and posts about Ruby. She is a beautiful spirit and will always be with you.

  9. I am so sorry to hear about Ruby. This is very shocking. I honestly can’t believe it.

    My thoughts are with you during this very hard time.

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  10. I am so sorry your beautiful Ruby is gone. You two have fought through so much and then this. I hate f’ing cancer. As others have said, we are still here for you so don’t hesitate to lean on us. We get it when so many others don’t.

    Sending you peace and love….

    ….Run free Ruby!!

    Martha, Codie Rae, and the Oaktown Pack

  11. Thank you all very much. I will post a eulogy for her soon. I still have yet to pour it all out. I miss her. I have a candle lit so she may find her way home. rest in peace, Ruby.

  12. I’m am so sorry to hear that Ruby crossed over!!! I know you had a ton of complications, but I was shocked to read this update! Ruby was a fighter and you gave her the best chance possible. She will forever be a Tripawd Hero!
    Hugs and condolences to you and your Pack ❤️

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