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Ruby on three the celebrity GSD

one of four haunted dogs

Ruby on three the celebrity GSD

Friday night Ruby

September 23rd, 2017 · 6 Comments · Uncategorized

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seems to be better so far, other than the stitch she ripped.  I called the Vet and spoke to her on the phone.  I told her about Ruby still trying to get to the stitches and that she is able to reach them even with the cone on.  She told me I might need to go and get a different collar to try so she wouldn’t get at them.  I’m actually going to try and stick with the cone and buy some boxer shorts for her tomorrow.   I see one spot dripping tonight.  I’ve cleaned it a couple times, it alarmed me a little because it was more red looking or darker pink.   It is the spot where she ripped the stitch.  The Vet said that she might have to knock her out on Monday and restitch any area that isn’t healed.   Time will tell.  It’s going to be a long weekend.   Ruby seems to be in some pain and discomfort which she normally doesn’t show.  I’m watching her close and gave her a tramadol.  fingers crossed!

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  • benny55

    Just finished reading yiur previous update with pictures and just saw this update pop up.

    How is she showing you she’s in pain? I would imagine the stitches are becoming quite uncomfortable and maybe that’s why she seems to be in pain? Maybe?

    At least the drip is just at that one stitch. If it drips more aggressively, give the Vet a call.

    Let us know how she’s feeling tomorrow. And yeah, I know you can’t wiat for Monday to get here! You leave those stitches alone Miss. Ruby! I’m sure she’ll take all of the old ones out except maybe for the couple of new ones she just put in.

    She’s a very special girl and is clearly loved dearly by you! We all are certainly cheering for her! 🙂


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  • 4haunteddogs

    ugh I can’t sleep. Keep worrying about her. She seems to be fine, but I keep thinking she isn’t. She cried when I tried to dab at her to clean up the drips I saw. She whimpered and went towards my hand like it was hurting her. Then she would stretch out so I could clean it and see it better, but she just wasn’t acting like her usual self much either. It’s a restless night. Her fur was wet earlier where it was absorbing the liquid, not like it had been ever before, which worried me. I made her get up and walk around, stand beside me to see if it was actually dripping and how fast were the drops. It did not drip in front of me. Maybe I’m being paranoid… not sure.

    The posting before this one that had the pictures, I noticed half the pic was cut off in each one. Not sure what happened, but it didn’t show what I wanted to show.

  • benny55

    How is she this morning?

    Eating, drinking, wagging her tail, etc? Do her gums look okay? Many times when yiu feel like something just isn’t right, you need to follow your gut. You know Ruby better than anyone and you feel like she’s not acting like herself, then you’re msot likely right.

    She certainly seems to be showing you a pain response when you tried to clean the incision. Could be that the staples are burting her.

    Honest to goodness, if I had the money I would get it to you so you coukd get her to another Vet. I HATE that I keep bringing up wishing with all my heart you could get another opinion because I know you can’t afford it. As you know, this whole scenario of how the Vet has handled things has concerned me all along.

    When you say the fur was “wet”, are you saying it’s really wet now…..or not wet now?

    Remember, we are not Vets and certainly not able to give Vet advice.

    Just curious, who do you take your other dogs to, or who jave you taken Ruby to in the past? Could that Bet just at least take a look at her, take her temperature and take a culture of the fluid to make sure it isn’t some infection that needs a specific antibiotic??

    If you do have a regular Vet, I bet they would work with you on a payment plan for just this ONE visit.

    HAS THE OTHER VET DONE A CULTURE THAT YOU KNOW OF??? Make sure you ask that it be done when you take her to that Vet Monday.

    I’m not techie enough to even know how to do a blog, so good for you. I think pictures can only be a cerain “size”, or have to be “sized down”………..or something like that to fit in here properly. Sorry, it much help in thst category.

    The only other suggestion I can offer is to call that Vet and speak with her DIRECTLY and tell her your concerns.

    ALWAYS wishing the best for you and Ruby!!!

    Sending love and hugs

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too

    • 4haunteddogs

      she is better today, thanks for asking. Yes, I felt like I tried my best given the situations we were thrown into. I had four Vets look at her, two are in my hometown.
      The hometown Vet we visit has been put on hold right now. Ruby’s care takes precedence. No culture has been done since I brought her home. She has had previous cultures done, prior to amputation two. Ruby truly has a good team of Vets around her, but how much can I ask for when I have nothing more to offer? Ruby has a gofundme. I believe it is still online, but nobody else can really afford to help either. I understand and it is ok. The struggle is real! I haven’t even gotten the final bill. I’m really hoping she truly doesn’t become as I call her, the three thousand dollar Ruby. I was told the operation would be $750, if I recall right. I was upset and crying the day I was told they would be able to find a more affordable option, I thought I was there to put Ruby down that day, instead she got a hand up in life. It has been a whirlwind ride that is still going. That is what is important though… life goes on. I really and grateful of your concern you show for Ruby. You’ve brought tears to my eyes with some of your words. I thank you.

  • jerry

    Hey there I resized your photos, they were too large for the blog width. All you need to do is click on them in the blog post (while you’re in editing mode), and grab a corner. Then pull it in so you’re at about 500 wide. Does that make sense? If not let me know and I can show you how OK?

    I’m sorry for all the issues she is going through right now. To me, her incision looks like it’s healing but the problem is she keeps pulling the stitches. Have you seen our Wyatt’s mambo cone of shame? See:

    This is the only thing that kept him from messing with his incision. You can get it on Amazon through the blog links.

    I do agree that if your vet hasn’t already, a culture is a good idea. I’ve been told by pain management experts that when a dog continues bothering an incision, it is often because it hurts, not just itches, and the dog may need better pain medication. Maybe you can ask your vet if that could be the case with Ruby.

    Let us know how she’s doing OK? And don’t forget you can call the Tripawds Helpline to talk to any of us when you’re feeling stressed over this.

    Hang in there.

  • 4haunteddogs

    I appreciate you resizing those pictures and yes it makes sense how you describe resizing them, perfect. Thank you! I forgot that there was a helpline for tripawds. That is really great to have access to others via telephone. That cone of shame you linked would be a great cone for her. She is actually doing better and I’m going to post a new entry about her in a moment! thank you for being here for us!

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