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Ruby on three the celebrity GSD

one of four haunted dogs

Ruby on three the celebrity GSD

Ruby rips stitches

September 21st, 2017 · 8 Comments · Uncategorized

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Day 22 post op, these stitches/staples have been in for too long Ruby says!  She did this a few days ago, but at times keeps trying to do more little by little.  You can see the slimy substance on the incision line of what is left of seepage.  She isn’t dripping anymore, but still shows fluid sometimes.  She can still get at her sutures even with the cone on.  She doesn’t do it all the time, but at times.  I have read where you can put boxer shorts on them to help cover it.  would that be better than a tshirt?  Not sure what to do and I have to work in a couple of hours through the night.  I do not think I have any boxer shorts here.  For the most part she does good about leaving them alone and I keep the cone on her pretty much all day/night.  I know stitches bother because I just had mine removed from my hand after nine days of being in and I couldn’t stand them either.  Poor Ruby.  She just wants to be normal again, for real.

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  • Michelle

    Why does she still have stitches at 22 days? most stitches come out at day 14. Not to question your vet just very curious? I would have them check them to see if they can come out. Sassy’s were out at day 14. I understand she has had some drainage and a seroma but as long as it has healed those should be out in my opinion.

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

    • 4haunteddogs

      She is going to get them out next Monday. She didn’t want to take them out yet when I took her this past Monday because of the seepage. It is getting better and I would expect it to stop leaking fluid next we go back in. I know that it’s a long time to have the stitches in, I have faith the Vet knows what she is doing with it. I think it is to prevent any further complications to avoid hospitalization. (?)

  • benny55

    To Michelle……if you have an extra minute, go back and review Ruby’s entire thread and you’ll find your answers. As Ruby’s mom knows, I’ve asked a kot of questions and questioned a lot of things and have all but begged to get a second opinion! Right Ru y?? 🙂 But you’ll also see why she feels like she has to stick with this Vet, plus, as she said, she has fsith in this Vet!!

    It will be just a few days shy of one month that the original stitches were put in assuming the Vet takes them out Monday.

    Now to sweet Ruby!! LEAVE YOUR ITCHY STITCHES ALONE!! I know it’s a lot to ask sweet girl!

    OKAY, now to Ruby’s Mom. Are these the “newest” stitches she just put in lzst Monday, or the old ones that have been in for over three weeks now?

    Is any if the “fluid” greenish or look like pus in it? Hard to tell from the ohoto.

    Is any of that new red blood and is it from the old stitched area or the new stitched area?

    Send an email to thst Vet and ask her opinion on how it looks just to be sure. I know you’ve actually only spoken to her once ip during this almost four weeks, but just ask her if everything looks alright.

    You are probably already at work now, but, if.not,, try tying at tee shirt around her. I know it’s hard to do, but something has to be done!!!

    Is it possible at all….a looong shot….but do you have anyone at all who could sit with her???

    Anyway you could get home a few times to check in her?
    Any toys, or bones you could leave eith her to distract her? Maybe even hide treats all over the living room so she can hunt them and stay occupied??

    Is it possible you could take her to work with you just today until we can figure out something????

    Really hoping something can be figured out.

    How is she overall?? Obviously she feels feisty enough to try and get at those stitches!

    Is she eating, drinki g okay? How’s her attitude? Is she getting her sparkle back??

    Continuing to send lots of hugs and a full and complete recovery to Ruby!!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too

  • benny55

    PS. Really glad she isn’t dripping anymore!!! Really good news! 🙂

  • Super Stu!

    Miss Ruby, darling! You need to stay away from those stitches sweetheart!
    Sally has some excellent points, but I too am surprised as to how long the OLD stitches have been in!
    I see what Sally means by using an old shirt… maybe try putting Ruby’s back legs through the arms and her bottom & tail through the neck area. Then tie that off at the top. Not sure if she will push it all back, but it’s worth a try.
    Get better soon Miss Ruby. We are all sending hugs and lots of healing power! 💥
    Sloppy kisses from Stewie👅🐾
    & all the very best from his adoring pack,
    Petra, Paul, & his feline siblings, Mr. Spike, Chester Molester & Miss Lily 🐾🐾🐾❤️.

  • benny55

    Thanks Petra for laying out the way to put the tee shirt on! Well done! 🙂

  • 4haunteddogs

    Ruby didn’t chew on her stitches today while I was gone. Thank you for the responses and inquiries. I’m going to wash her up real well tomorrow and let ya see what it looks like. She has a lot of staples and stitches both. She had to open her twice when the amputation took place because of the excessive bleeding. She wanted to be sure that all was well inside. She really went thru a brutal month this past month with many surgeries, she has had one heck of a time. It is clear, kind of thick fluid with a very slight brown or red tinge. It doesn’t smell or show any puss. She looks a little irritated on her skin and that is the redness around the staples. I will try to take better pics. I agree and am saddened that it has been such a long time for the staples and stitches to be in. I can not afford to incur any more expense and it is the weekend now. I do work all this weekend and I do not have anyone that can sit with Rubes while I’m away. All four of my dogs stay together while I’m away. I did have her separated for awhile, but that didn’t work out the greatest and found they do quite well when left on their own together. I never would have thought that this process for her and me would be this prolonged. I feel like we got the worst end of the stick when it came to the “what could” happen and go wrong with an amputation. I feel like this past month or two was a blur it went by so fast, yet so incredibly much happened. Monday can not come soon enough. I really enjoy reading your words about this and questions. I want to answer everything, but I get to typing and ramble sometimes, forgetting what I want to say. Ruby is very lively and she has her shine on. She gets around very well. Still a very fast girl. She eats and drinks like a horse and really not much has changed, besides… the leg. Her hair is slowly growing back. I will be happy when her hair covers her again. She’s a good dog, very smart and agile. She is unable to pull her little tricks like getting my dirty clothes from the laundry and putting my outfit on the bed that I wore the day before even with my shoes. Her large cone gets in the way of her being her pesky funny self. I do miss that side of her, but I know it will come back eventually. She really hasn’t been able to be herself. She will get well and those staples/stitches will be out in a few more days.

  • benny55



    And btw, you are not rambling and you explain this ….er….”unusual”‘ situation very well!!!!

    This scenario and the treatment for it are “unusual” to us so thatsw why we ask so many questions! So we’re learning right along with you!

    Based on what you describe, it sounds like the “seepage” isn’t stinky and yucky looking and probably not infected which is really good!! 🙂

    Yes, you and Ruby have been through a really rough two months. And you know what? You two have stayed STRONG!!! You both have faced all these “challeneges” with courage and optimism!!

    And based on the way you described Ruby as having her shine on, earing, drinking, peeing, pooping, interacting with all her packand is very lovely……yeah, it looks like things are finallw going well!

    Really hiping that cone can come off Monday so Euby can get your clothes out of the laundry and place your previously worn clothes on your bed!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 Love this girl!! 🙂

    Get some good sleep tonight and give her a big snuggle for all of us!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

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