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Ruby on three the celebrity GSD

one of four haunted dogs

Ruby on three the celebrity GSD

sixth day post op

September 6th, 2017 · 6 Comments · Uncategorized

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I went and visited Ruby today.  She was very happy to see me.  She had the wrap off when I arrived and I was able to see the incision and her stump.  It was still seeping which is why they are continuing to keep her in the hospital until this weekend.  The Vet wants her to stay until the staples come out to prevent anything going wrong with this transition in her life.  The plan is to bring her home by the weekend or at the latest next Monday.  I’m really thankful that she is seeing Ruby thru this first stage of healing.  I’m anxious to bring her home of course, but she still needs some more time to heal that cut.  I took pics and videos of her to document our journey.  Ruby is a fighter and going strong.  Many people worked to help make this possible for her to succeed on three.  I wasn’t as shocked as I thought I would be when I saw her naked butt and where the leg use to be.   I think this website and all the videos that I’ve watched on youtube helped me a great deal.  Supportive friends and people that we are meeting pull us through this time in our lives.    Just a few more days, Ruby and you will be home!!

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  • benny55

    YIPPEEEEE!!! Soooo glad you got to see her and she seemed to be doing well!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I know it did you BOTH a world of good!! 🙂

    I know you’re exhausted, but really glad you took time to update us. As you already know, we’re all cheering for that sweet girl!!

    When you can, we’d love to see some pics of your sweet girl. Sounds like the incision is looking good (except for the seepage). Does the Vet anticipate it stopping anytime soon? Is she “packing it” or doing anything proactive to stop it? Is it actual red blood or more “pinkish fluid”?

    Keeping her quiet is good to help speed up the healing so being at the Vet is a good thing.

    Get a good night’s sleep! You’ve earned it!

    Lots of hugs!
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    • 4haunteddogs

      It looks more like blood than clear fluid or brown. It’s bright red drips. From what I’m being told they are wrapping it daily to put pressure on it. The Tech told me it should stop seepage by this weekend. If anything when they start to remove staples, they may leave a few in for a couple days longer. Just to get it to stop. She said the fluid is building up because it has no where else to go, which I have read about. The incision really look good though. I do not know how to post pictures on here yet. I haven’t figure that out. Let me look and see what I can add. 🙂

  • Super Stu!

    Hi Ruby and your lovely Mum

    My boys incision looked really good right from day one. But it was around day 2 or 3, post op that he started to seep through his bandaging. It was clear fluid and both my vet and i were happy that it was mostly clear, but my vet got on it right away and took out a couple of stitches to allow the fluids to drain out. They explained that the fluids, if left unattended could lead to infection. Stewie had to go back 3 times to have the site drained.
    Im not sure what to say about the blood seepage. I would have thought that that should have stopped by now, but if your vet is watching her and is comfortable with her healing…
    Hugs and prayers for healing
    Sloppy kisses from Stewie👅🐾
    & all the very best from his adoring pack,
    Petra, Paul, Mr. Spike, Chester Molester & Miss Lily 🐾🐾🐾❤️

  • 4haunteddogs

    Yea, I had not read or heard anywhere about blood looking seepage, only the clear fluid. So it confuses me, but I know that they are paying close attention to her and she is getting the help that she needs. I could tell that she is stressed, but she is so strong she doesn’t show much suffering. A few more days.. I hope she is able to come home.

  • benny55


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